The Age of Reason or Enlightenment began in 1642 and continued until 1861. This period of change affected political, economical, and social aspects. It was skeptical of tradition and believed that natural law, which had been reveled through science, could be applied to the organization of society.

Yo Mams Question

My question about the Age of Enlightenment is why were so many stuck on the traditional ideas? Why not look for change or something new? Was it because of the church that many did not think to question the outside world?


Britain kicked off the new age with a civil war. This war was fought between Charles I Like Dick and Parliament. Eventually, after many battles, the true beginning of the Age of Reason came around, 1690, John Locked-Wiener's Two Treaties of Government and Essay Concerning Human Understanding was published.
external image locke.jpg<-- This is John Locked Up Wiener


An era in which rationalism prevails, especially the period of the Enlightenment in England, France, and the United States.

What it did

This movement advocated reason as the primary basis of authority. It influenced the whole of Europe including Russia and Scandinavia. The era is marked politically by governmental consolidation, greater rights for the common people, and a diminution of the influence authorities such as the nobles.

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