During the renaissance period in Europe, art, music, technology, culture, religion, philosophy and other intellectual pursuits grew in abundance. Renaissance art
reflected the time, the culture, and the thoughts of society. The society had gone through a transition, this transition demonstrated humanism. Everything became
'human' focused. Medieval art focused on beliefs, and perhaps dreams. The art was mostly, mosaic, and some painting (very 2-D). During the renaissance, people
focused on real images, like the raw image of the body. These images were portrayed realistically by concentrating on shadows, lighting, and human anatomy. Another
way renaissance art was portrayed realistically, was through sculptures.

1. This piece of art was made during the medieval times. It is made with mosaic tiles, a material used for the majortity of art during that time. It showsan unrealistic
picture of Mary, and the baby Jesus. The two almost look cartoon like and disproportionate.

2. This piece, Pietà, was created by Michelangelo from 1498-1499. This is a beautiful example of Renaissance art. It depicts a realistic image of the crucified Jesus, and
mother Mary. The proportions are accurate, and triangles are also used, with Mary's head as the vertex.

Both pieces of art include the mother Mary, and her son, Jesus. This is a comparison of the two eras, two extreme differences. From the material used, to the style of the
design, are very different.




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