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Deism is derived from the Latin word "Deus," which means "God". Deism is a belief that the supreme entity of God merely created the beginning of all things - that God merely watches over us as natural laws and logic take God's place. This belief was created as a result of Newton's thoughts on how the universe worked, as well as from Locke's application of these thoughts through society.

Deists believe that everything in this world can be changed through our own actions - that there is neither a heaven nor a hell, and that nothing is predetermined. Mankind chooses their own fate, and through their choices, they create the world that we see to this day. "Freethinkers" is the name that they call themseles, as their ideals tend to give them more power to their own thoughts rather than an "unknown and untouchable" entity.

This belief is like a cross between science and religion, letting logic and reasoning explain all the makings of the universe, rather than that everything in this world was created by a supreme and divine being.

Eventually, many Deists became Atheists, believing in no God at all, allowing science to overtake religion.