Gior gio Vasari was a key part of the “rebirth” that occurred during the Renaissance. Throughout this time period, many artists, painters, architects and scientists were beginning to express their ides in the form of art. However all of the development that occurred would have had no effect on today’s world if it was not effectively recorded. Giorgio Vasari published many works that allowed this time of creativity to be remembered.

Not only was Giorgio Vasari a writer, but he also was a successful architect. His unique ideas demonstrate the ongoing idea of creationism during this era. One of his most famous works is the Vasari Corridor. His one of a kind vision, led to an elevated pathway between the
Palazzo Vecchio and the Palazzo Pitti. This corridor has many panoramic windows, a balcony and it has a view of a church. These expensive and unneeded additions are some reasons why many people viewed Vasari’s ideas as radical and different. This structure still remains today and is one of the many buildings that evolved during the Renaissance.

This bridge can be viewed as a metaphor of the time period. Similarly to how it connects two places, it also connects two ways of life: traditional and modern. Before this era, the majority of buildings were built simply for practical reasons. However, as time advanced, aesthetics become more prominent. Many buildings were built as a luxury rather than for a function. This connection, between two ways of life, is a main reason the Renaissance is seen as a time of great development, creativeness and advancement.