Giotto di Bondone

Scrovegni Chapel

Giotto di Bondone
He was an Italian painter and architect from Florence, Italy. He was
generally considered one of the first artists that contributed greatly to
the Italian Renaissance. Giovanni Villani once said he was "the most sovereign master of painting in his time, who drew all his figures and their postures according to nature. And he was given a salary by the commune [of Florence] in virtue of his talent and excellence."

Giotto was commonly known for his art depicting religious figures or moments. He also was known for his work on the Scrovegni Chapel (Arena Chapel). The art he painted in the chapel depicts the "life of the virgin" and the "life of Jesus Christ." It was regarded as a "supreme masterpiece."

Giotto lived at a time when peoples minds were just starting to be released from the
medieval times. He was born about 1266 in the village of Vespignano, near Florence.
The significance of his art was that at the time his art was being published, 13th
century, most people were just starting to come out of the restraints of the medieval
wars and his art was some of the first paintings and sculptures that didn't show the brutal
wars of the medieval times. His art was very melancholy and it offered the people some
relief from the usual painting that was glorifying the wars taking place at the time.


By: Katie Wallace